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Software Mechanics develops software products for printing and visual communications. Our WinLINE plotter driver products have been deployed worldwide since 1994 by engineers, architects, designers, planners and people who work with CAD, illustration, documentation and charting applications across industries.

Software Mechanics' design engineers are industry leaders where the arcane disciplines of vector graphics and GUI printer drivers intersect. We are working in ongoing ways with companies around the world that publish vector graphics software to make our products work together in a practical way for customers. OEM partners who have licensed Software Mechanics' products include Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, Roland Digital Group, ENCAD and Visio.

Software Mechanics is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with operations in Oakland, California, and affiliates worldwide.

Software Mechanics' Mission
To build and deliver great products that enable people to communicate their ideas to others while:
- Achieving a stellar return on investment for shareholders measured in terms of enjoyment, fun, purpose, length of association and opportunity cost
- Maintaining or achieving the number one or two position in addressed market segments in terms of market share, customer satisfaction, revenue generation, product margin, product functionality, technological leadership and integrity
- Treating all people with respect and rewarding both group and individual performance that exceeds commitments and circumstances
- Being a considerate, sensible, valued corporate citizen in the local and national locations where we produce, sell, and service our products

Values and Beliefs
Since Software Mechanics was founded, we have operated in accordance with a set of core values and beliefs, which are critical to our continued success as a company, and as individuals. These are two of them:

Conduct business on the highest ethical basis
Life is short. Jail is bad.

The world is essentially spherical.
You can see it from the airplane window, those of you who aren't in jail.

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